Buy Jewelry, Create a Cancer-Free World!

Discover our jewelry collection that sparkles with hope for a cancer-free world!

With every purchase, you will be donating 100% of the profits to the American Cancer Society, while adorning yourself with well-crafted, timeless jewelry.

Shop now and wear compassion elegantly!

Join Brides for Hope

Make a difference on your special day by adorning your bridesmaids with Charms of Hope jewelry, filling their hearts with gratitude and joy.

Learn more about our Bridesmaid jewelry offer and how to create meaningful connections with Charms of Hope jewelry.

“I am grateful for Charms Of Hope Jewelry supporting American Cancer Society to give those of us fighting cancer the opportunity to get the best treatment possible.

I’m a proud owner of Charms of Hope silver bracelet. Every time I wear it, I feel hugged!”

Penny Isop, 10 year cancer survivor

About Charms of Hope

Charms of Hope, by Diallure, extends from the trusted artisanal jewelry legacy of April Venus, serving prestigious retailers in the U.S. and Europe for two decades.

In partnership with the American Cancer Society , we’re dedicated to creating fine jewelry that adorns and saves lives, working towards a cancer-free world.

With every Charms of Hope purchase, 100% of the profits find their way to the American Cancer Society. 

Discover shopping and donating options on the American Cancer Society‘s website.

How Shopping Charms of Hope Jewelry Helps in the Fight Against Cancer

The American Cancer Society is the leading cancer-fighting organization with a vision of ending cancer as we know it, for everyone. 

Every Charms of Hope jewelry purchase you make means 100% of profits go to the American Cancer Society. This direct contribution fuels life-saving research, supports patients in need, drives advocacy efforts, and so much more.

Discover the powerful impact of your donations on millions of lives touched by cancer.

ACS does not endorse any product or service. Charms of Hope is April Venus’s independent initiative to support American Cancer Society’s efforts.

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